Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reaksyon: World Cup of Pool first 3 days

The first round of the 2011 World Cup of Pool has finished and many of the seeded teams fell to lesser known pairings. 1st seed China, 3rd seed England, 6th seed USA, and 8th seed Spain are all out of the competition pitting the best tandems representing the best billiard playing countries in the world.

What are the lessons so far that we can learn from the 2011 World Cup of Pool?

1. Seed do not matter - In a race to 8 pool, everybody has a chance. Anything can happen to change the momentum of the game. A missed break, a scratch, or a simple miscalculation can be the difference between winning or losing. The first round shows that the talent level of teams are very close to each other. 

2. Home court advantage - The annual event is currently held at the Block at SM City North Edsa and so far the 2 Filipino teams are winning. Playing in front of your crowd may bring added pressure to some but  to Reyes and company so far the crowd support is inspiring them to win.

3. Anything can happen - The format the tournament is really good and we have seen many teams rally from deficits. So far, there were only 2 8-0 routs so far.

The 2011 World Cup of Pool is indeed a wonderful tournament to follow. We do not know who will eventually win the competition and it has one of the most unique formats in a billiard tournament. The Filipino teams have been doing well in this tournament in the past and the teams are most likely to go far in this year's edition. Here's to wishing that there will be an All-Filipino finals!!!

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