Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NFL: 3 Teams without a win after Week 7; Do they need LUCK?

It is amazing that there are still 3 teams in the NFL that is undefeated after 7 weeks of play. It is tough to see that a perennial playoff team like the Indianapolis Colts could really be 0-7. Is Peyton Manning really that valuable? I guess, the many time MVP is indeed the Most Valuable Player of the Colts. Without Manning, the Colts look liked a mess. With him, they look invincible. That is how a franchise QB can launch a franchise. That it is why they are the highest paid and most protected investments by their teams and by the league. The Colts will be in the bottom this year and hope that Peyton Manning will be back next year.

As for the St. Louis Rams, they are regressing towards a repeat of 2009. They drafted a "franchise" QB in the 2010 draft and Sam Bradford had a promising rookie year. You may call it a sophomore jinx but the Rams are now 0-6. They do not look like a pro team out there. They allowed an unknown rookie to run circles around them. They cannot defend the run. They will draft a defensive player for sure in the upcoming draft. It might be too early to talk about it but with the way they are playing, they are a lock to bag a Top 3 draft pick in 2011.

The Miami Dolphins should relocate or try to have a feng shui expert go to their home stadium. They have lost 12 of 13 home games dating back last season. If the season were to end today, they are the ones who will most likely draft QB Andrew Luck. Yeah, they need Luck.  I mean, luck. 

The 3 teams are going to face really difficult teams in the coming weeks and all 3 could go winless by Thanksgiving. Hopefully none of them will emulate the 2008 Detroit who went 0 for 16. Supposed to be, this is gonna happen as the NFL prides itself of being the most competitive league among the four major sports in the USA. For now, parity and equality is at the backseat. At least the NFL teams are playing, unlike the NBA. ;)

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