Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Angel Guirado stars in the Azkal's conquest of Tajikistan

Days after being involved in a controversy, Angel Guirado gave the performance of his life to lead the Philippine Men's Football team to a victory over Tajikistan in their AFC Challenge Cup group match. The 2-1 win catapulted the Philippines to football heights that has never been reached before by its national teams of the past.

The Azkals fell behind at stoppage time in the first half via a controversial goal. Down 1-0, Angel Guirado got aggressive on the 54th minute and stole the ball from Davronjon Ergashev at the left flank. He then made an amazing cross to Phil Younghusband who kicked the ball to the back of the net and tie the match.  On the 79th minute, Guirado headed home the game winner. With the win, the Philippines has a chance to be the first Southeast Asian team to win the Challenge Cup.

Angel Guirado is in the center of attention again and this time, it is for good reason. Hopefully, the Azkals will respond to the challenge in the next match as they will play without him. He got his 2nd yellow card of the tournament and he will sit out against Turkmenistan.  His presence will definitely be missed.

I am sure though that his performance will be a canon-fodder for some supporters who did not like the accusation being hurled by Cristy Ramos againt Guirado and Lexton Moy. After the tournament, the 2 players will be at the mercy of the AFC disciplanary committee after being accused of sexual harassment. If he ever get some ban, I am sure that a lot of people will say that Ramos is sabotaging the Azkals ascent. It is quite hard to speculate what will happen in the coming weeks but for today, Angel Guirado is the Filipino Man of the Hour. :)
Guirado (middle left) - the Man of the Hour (photo via Philstar.com)


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