Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pennisi makes it to Sportscenter

6'9" Mick Pennisi's famous flop became viral that even the guys of ESPN have given him a few seconds of fame by including his act in the top ten plays of the day. Pennisi has that reputation of being an enforcer in any team that he plays. He is sort of like the Dennis Rodman of the PBA. He does not cross dress but he knows a million ways of getting under the skin of opposing players. Well, Will McDonald now knows that someone in the PBA will not back down no matter how big or tough his opponent is. McDonald learned the hard way and Petron is sent reeling towards the bottom of the standings. 

The reaction was a bit delayed and it would not have mattered since players will surely get penalized when they throw the ball and hit someone. Many really find it funny but Petron and Will McDonald is definitely not amused. This blog would really like to congratulate Pennisi for landing in the No.2 top play of the day. It is my first time to see a PBA player in Sportscenter's top plays. WTG MICK!!!!

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