Friday, March 2, 2012

Sonny Boy Jaro upsets Pongsaklek Wonjongkam

What an amazing feat! Jaro's victory reminded me of Pacquiao's first world title in the 112 lb. class. Unlike the young Pacquiao, Sonny Boy is a veteran. At 29, some could consider that he is past his prime especially if you look at his record. His last loss was about a year ago against Hirofumi Mukai who was just on his 4th professional bout.

After the loss though, he somehow found his second win as he won 4 straight before his championship bout in Chonburi, Thailand. Nobody in the right mind would have bet for him against the legendary Thai fighter who was 83 wins in his career. Add to the fact that the match is held in Thailand. Even Alfie Jaro, Jaro's manager believed that the only to win is by knockout. And that was just what he did.

Sonny Boy gave it his all. He has lost in Mexico, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Finally, the law of averages fell to his favor. Finally, he can say that he is a world champion. He won the same belt held by Manny Pacquiao, Malcolm Tunacao, Jorge Arce, and Daisuke Naito in the past. It is the belt that Pongsalek won and defended countless of times.

The victory of Sonny Boy Jaro capped the week when a 64 year old man became a bar top notcher. Their victories and vindications epitomizes the sayings that Age does not matter and it is never too late to pursue your dreams. Well done, Sonny Boy!


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