Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tale of 3 Fil-Ams in the 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament

The March Madness has started but it ended so soon for a trio of sophomore guards who have Filipino roots. 5-10 Jason Brickman plays for Long Island University Brooklyn Blackbirds. 6-4 Fil-American Stephen Holt dons the St. Mary's Gael's jersey. Former RP U-18 reinforcement 6-4 Matthew Wright is a varsity player of the St. Bonaventure Bonnies. St. Bonaventure, St. Mary's and LIU all lost their round of 64 matches to be eliminated from the big dance. 

It is sad to know that their teams lost immediately but as a consolation, I realized that we have 3 up and coming players from very good NCAA programs. All their teams won at least 20 games this season. Brickman is even No.5 in assists per game (7.3) in the NCAA. These players could be tapped by the SBP to play for the Smart Gilas in the future. All 3 are still sophomores and could still improve their games. Who knows? One of this 3 could be make it to the NBA. I will definitely be keeping my eye on them for the next couple of years.


Matthew Wright 
2011-12 27.7 min. per game 7.0 ppg 2.5 rpg 2.8 apg 1.0 spg 1.5 TOpg 36% FG 32%3FG 78%FT
2010-11 16.2 min                 4.7 ppg 1.9 rpg 1.6 apg 0.8 spg 0.8 TOpg 39% FG 32%3FG 85%FT

Stephen Holt 
2011-12 32.6 min. per game 10.4 ppg 4.7 rpg 3.3 apg 1.8 spg 1.6 TOpg 50% FG 38%3FG 77%FT
2010-11 22.9 min. per game  6.2 ppg 3.1 rpg 1.0 apg 1.8 spg 1.0 TOpg 43% FG 34%3FG 83%FT

Jason Brickman
2011-12 34.3 min. per game 9.7 ppg 2.6 rpg 7.3 apg 0.9 spg 3.8 TOpg 45% FG 41%3FG 82%FT
2010-11 22.8 min. per game  6.2 ppg 2.1 rpg 5.5 apg 0.8 spg 1.9 TOpg 42% FG 39%3FG 88%FT


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