Saturday, April 14, 2012

Boston is humming lead by the amazing Rajon Rondo

Isn’t it amazing to see a guy get double figure assists in 20 straight games. In the NBA, only 3 people have done it. John Stockton in his heyday had 29 straight games of amassing more than 10 assists. Magic Johnson had 20. Now, Rondo’s streak still alive.
Since Boston is fighting for home court advantage for the first round. I am sure that Doc Rivers will keep him on the floor. Most likely the streak will extend to the playoffs.  The Celtics are also similarly streaking and I think many teams will avoid a first round match-up against the red hot Boston team.
In the last 5 games, Boston went 4-1 with victories over potential playoff opponents Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, and Indiana. The lone loss was against the out of contention Raptors. In those 5 games, Rondo averaged 14.8 assists and he even had a triple double against Atlanta Hawks. It was his 6th triple double in the season.
The Celtics will be facing the Nets and Bobcats in the next two games and they will be finishing the season battling 5 other teams who are fighting for playoff spots. If Boston remains hot, then I expect to see a salivating Boston-Chicago match-up in the 2nd round of the playoffs. J

The Streaking Rajon is leading the red-hot Celtics!

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