Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NBA: Bye Bye Lakers, Bye Bye Clippers

In a perfect world, a Clippers vs. Lakers conference finals series would have been a first. Two teams with the same home court battling in a seven game series. Staples Center would become the center of the basketball world in May. The dream match-up however, did not materialize this year. As both teams were shown the exit by two of the hottest teams in the NBA right now. 

The San Antonio Spurs brought the broom to LA and swept the Chris Paul-led Clippers.  The Oklahoma City Thunder disposed the aging Lakers in 5 games. For LA fans, too bad but at least they have a good consolation with the overachieving LA Kings in the NHL. 

The offseason will be very interesting for both squads.  Many expect that the Lakers will be dismantled piece by piece but who knows, Dwight howard might end up in purple and gold. Who will remain? Will Pau still be there? Bynum? the rugged Meta World Peace? Who will be LA Lakers' guards?  I am sure that many free agents salivate on the prospects of playing in the bright lights of Hollywood. LA will definitely contend next year but can they contain the emergence of OKC? They are in for  tough rebuilding.

For the Clippers, they have a good core. Will Chris Paul sign a long term deal? It would be sad if he will go after one of the most successful Clipper seasons of all-time. They could probably make the next Stockton to Malone combo but hoping to win at least one title before retiring. The clippers are on the rise but they have a history of being so inconsistent.

Next year, there is a good chance that a Staples series will happen. Unlike baseball's subway series, a Lakers-Clippers series will be played in just one venue. It will definitely be "sui generis". I guess, I still have the impeachment bug. :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 PBA Commissioner's Cup Finals: Game 7 beckons!

The current PBA Commissioner's Cup Finals that pits the Talk 'N text Tropang Texters and the B-Meg Llamados have indeed revitalized the Philippine Basketball Association. The finals series is rating well and fans of both squads are flocking to game venues to give it a very festive feel.  I am so happy that the PBA is becoming the center of talk and attention of Pinoy sports fans once again.

With no Azkals match and Manny Pacquiao fight on the schedule, the PBA Commissioner's Cup final is a sure blockbuster, indeed. So what is so special with this series?

1. Coaching - Tim Cone is in the finals for the first time after leaving his longtime post in Alaska Aces. He faces friend and rival Chot Reyes in an epic match-up of arguably the best PBA coaches in the last 20 years.

2. Rivalry storylines - It's San Miguel group vs. MVP, Cone vs. Reyes, Yap vs. Castro, Yancy vs. Ranidel

3. Alternating victories - No team has won 2 straight games so far in this series. Will it be different in Game 7???

4. Yap revival - James Yap has gotten back his high-scoring self in this series.

5. Castro emergence - Jason Castro is showing that he is a future MVP of this league.

6. Soaring ratings and crowd - Game 6 was watched by over 20,000 people.

The Commissioner's office cannot wish for a better ending i guess unless this series will be down to the last shot (which could happen).  I am sure many players would wish that they would be playing in one of the most anticipated PBA games in years.  Many people will surely bet tens, hundreds, and probably millions of pesos for game 7.

Who would win? It is too close to call for me. One thing's sure though, I will be glued to my TV set come Sunday. How about you, what do you think?


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