Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pacquiao-Bradley: Boxing world unanimous.... save for 2 judges at ringside

Some call it a joke, a robbery, shocker, fixed, rigged, etc. It could be all of the above but what else is new? Boxing has been like that. It is slowly evolving into a new version of professional wrestling. What's next? Costumes? Chairs? Tag-team? By the rate this is going, we might just make mixed martial arts an olympic sport. 

The fans and the writers are all unanimous in saying that Pacquiao won the fight.  Not just won, but dominated. Well, unfortunately, they weren't the judges of the fight.   CJ Ross and Duane Ford saw it for Bradley at 115-113.  While a 3rd judge (Jerry Roth) saw it for Pacquiao.  How can that be?  The fans at MGM can't believe it. The one watching TV are shocked. It is an outrage and maybe, it will be the start of change.

Change. It could be for good or for bad but it is definitely bound to happen. Many Pacquiao should decide on a new direction to take. There is so many alphabet belts already and I think Manny Pacquiao can do away with WBO. Bradley can have the belt and keep it.  It was a farce anyway.  Why should he go for a rematch. What for? If he goes for it, he is like validating cheats and he is a major player in the "script". 

Second, promotions.  Bob Arum says he will make tons of money in the rematch lol. So it was like what he was craving all along. It is a planned trilogy because if Manny won, there is no fight left except the one with Mayweather who likewise is stalling. Manny Pacquiao can do away with this non-sense. He can tell his promoter he will fight in Manila and save his best years to his kababayans.  He can even walk away now and enjoy a new life preaching the right way to live and serving his constituents. 

It is a time for change and Manny can have a big impact on boxing as a whole.  If he leaves then probably boxing will try to fix what went wrong.  He can be boxing's savior or he will be the last straw that made professional boxing extinct.  Manny, it is up to you.


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  1. That game was really a joke, we all know who won the game. :/
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