Sunday, March 8, 2015

Suh leaves Detroit, Now what?

English: Ndamukong Suh, a National Football Le...
English: Ndamukong Suh, a National Football League Player. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ndamukong Suh is set to sign a record-breaking contract with the Miami Dolphins. Signing the $114 Million deal would mean the end of his days in Detroit.  What can I team do when your best player moves?

It is sad but the Detroit Lions have to move on.  The salary cap issue was the main culprit for Detroit.  They were tied down with the old rookie CBA and years of being at the bottom of the standings cost them to overpay their rookies. The multiple restructuring in the past years made it impossible to franchise Suh. Letting go of Suh will actually give the Detroit Lions some financial flexibilty.  Here are the people who are going to be in the "hot seat" for the Detroit Lions:

1. Martin Mayhew and the management - The loss of Suh will give them a fair amount of salary to give out to possible replacements and fill other holes of the team. If Suh signed with the Lions, it would have been way more challenging for the management to improve last year's team. There are obvious holes with the Lions and none too obvious with the DT situation.  Most likely, the team will parade a totally new DT combination on opening day.  They lost Suh and most likely their 2011 top pick Nick Fairley as well. It is critical that Mayhew can use the available money to find someone decent enough to fill the gap.  The team have needs in secondary, offensive line, and RB. The first 3 rounds of this draft will be critical as they have to draft for need and not the usual BPA strategy that they employed in the previous years.  Heads will roll will if the Lions will be in another losing season.

2. Teryl Austin - If Austin can retain a Top 5 defense despite the loss of Suh, then most likely the guy will become an HC next year.  Was Austin just blessed with a talented bunch led by Suh or was it his schemes and abilities that propelled the Lions into becoming the No.2 defense in the NFL? We will find out next season.  It will be more challenging but if Austin will show that he is indeed a genius then this guy will probably on his way to a new and exciting gig as a head coach. Losing Suh is actually a big opportunity for him to show future employers that he is indeed ready for greater challenges.

3. Joe Lombardi - Salary-wise, the Lions are now heavily invested in the offense. If they cannot crack the Top 10 next season then Joe should go. He already has a strong-armed former top pick QB, the best WR-duo, a host of TEs, and even probably a retooled RB and OL this year. Last year, the playoff push was because of Suh and the defense.  It is time for the offense to step up.  The only way for the Lions to become a playoff contender this season is to have an offense than can really score at least 4 TDs a game and have a defense that can minimize scoring opportunities by limiting opponent TDs. Joe must summon his inner-Vince Lombardi.

If the Lions can be in the playoffs in the coming season then it will be a big victory for the management.  It will be very hard though but if they can pull it off then the long suffering Lions fans could probably hope again that they see the Lions win the Superbowl in their lifetime. 

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